Meet the Music Makers

"Watford Band is one big family. We're playing with friends, we laugh together, and everyone helps each other!"

Musicians in Watford Band are passionate amateurs who devote a considerable amount of their time to rehearsing and playing pieces we perform. Some players have been involved for decades, others for a much shorter time, but everyone brings dedication and enthusiasm to playing and performing.

Ian Graves
Principal Cornet
Karen Dovey
Solo Cornets
Jordan Low
Amy Robb
Amy Wicken
Soprano Cornet
Alison Perry
Rob Henderson
Jacqueline Skepper
Tony Smith
Irma Mullins
Chas Gillespie
Flugel Horn
Harry France
Tenor Horns
Sean Whyte
Graham Squires
Peter Taylor
Steve Marsh
Martyn France
Stuart Marsh
Shirley Wilson
James Hill
Eb Basses
Ken Eames
Robb Cross
Bb Basses
John Robb
Alex Bastard-Rosset

Registered charity number 1105301