The Watford Band

Providing entertainment to Watford and the surrounding areas for over 125 years

Registered charity number 1105301

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The band is now active on Facebook and Instagram! Follow us to see all the latest news, photos and videos. Click on the button below to see our photo gallery. Through our gallery you can view our new digital archive of organised photos and new articles related to the band from when the band started out to the present day. If you can date any of our undated photos, don't hesitate to get in touch and help us identify when and where they took place, more information on how to help is provided in our undated section of our photo gallery.

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Players Wanted!

Exciting opportunity for brass band musicians! Do you play a brass band instrument? Do you want to join a fun, friendly band local to you? We have vacancies for cornet, horn, trombone, Bb bass, tuned and kit percussionists. We would also welcome anyone who wants to join or just wants to come along for a rehearsal.

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Concert Schedule

The band is available to play at nearly every occasion, from garden parties and light background music to concerts. Contact us to book the band for an event, or have a look at our upcoming events and come and see us for yourself! For any ticketed events that we've organised, e.g. concerts, you can buy your tickets here.

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About the Band

The Watford Band is a friendly, amateur brass band based in Watford in the North West of London. Over 100 years old, we maintain an active schedule of performances alongside regular rehearsals and social events where we play a large range of music from pop arrangements and film scores to classic brass band pieces.

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The brass band is something more than a body of [people] gathered together for self-enjoyment. The primary reason for its existence will, of course, be a desire for the practice of good music, but if it is wise, and if it is just, it will make itself a force in the social life of its town or village ... and will gather around it all that is best in its community.

Brass Band News, November 1955

"I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order!"

Eric Morecambe, Comedian

"Sing everything, everything, everything! It is the voice that gives way to the development of one's 'voice' on any instrument"

Wycliffe Gordon, Jazz Trombonist

"If you want to change your playing for the better, make some adjustments to [your] routine. Within a short time - or in some case, immediately - you're a better player."

Jeffrey Curnow, Trumpet, Philadelphia Orchestra

"Remember that success and failure coexist side-by-side and feed off eachother. You cannot have one without the other. You cannot learn without making mistakes. Learn how to convert mistakes into nearer and nearer misses."

John Wallace, Trumpet, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

"Brass has a very distinct sound. It's delicate but powerful, but it's also melancholic and plaintive"

Johann Johannsson, Composer

The band are very grateful to Watford council for sponsoring the purchase of our band jackets

Registered charity number 1105301